Why Book Acoustic Acts?

Because we're entertaining, that's why. Well, actually, theres a lot of
reasons. First of all let's deal  with the money - we cost less than a band,
most bands anyway. You won't need 1,000 people to walk through the
door to recoup your investment. 1,000 people would be nice, though -
wouldn't it? Your initial overhead is low - and you're still providing
"LIVE" entertainment.

Which brings us to the second reason - Acoustic acts are "LIVE"
entertainment. "LIVE"
entertainment adds life to the room. It's happening right there, right now,
right in front of you. It's not just the music either- there's a visual element
as well that can't be "overlooked".

What else? Well, how about No Stage Required! (but appreciated). Just
give us a corner and one grounded outlet and we're in business. I've set
up it some pretty tight spots before - believe me - it always works out
great. Acoustic acts are perfect for a small room or a large room.
Acoustic guitars and solo vocals take on a nice natural reverb in larger
rooms. And don't think I can't crank it up when I have to. There's no 11
on my PA system but I've rarely had to turn it up past 4 to get the job
done. That's three.

How about audience interaction/participation - I believe we're up to
number four now. People love to sing along to their favorite songs. If
you've ever heard someone do American Pie at 1:45am you know what
I'm talking about. This is easily done with an acoustic act because they -
the customers - can actually hear themselves sing, (unfortunately, so can
we, but hey, that's the price you pay).

Which brings up two more points - Conversation and Requests, the fifth
and sixth reasons to book acoustic acts. I've had many people come up
to me during a break and say how nice it is that they can clearly hear the
music but also hear each others conversations at their table. Who knows
what they talk about - a lot of times they tell me they're talking about the
songs and the memories they induce. They also talk about what other
songs they want to hear which brings us to number six - Requests.

I personally know over 400 songs, (probably over 500 if you don't mind
me botching a word or a chord here or there), and I know other
performers who know a lot too, so the odds are we may know your song.
I don't get 'em all, but I do pretty well. Usually a band is tied into a strict
set list and a shorter overall song list because of limited rehearsal time
and the complications of more instruments, schedules and personalities.

So, I know there's one more. Seven, I need a lucky seventh reason to
book acoustic acts? Oh yeah, because we need the work! I got bills to
pay, man!